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So I'm finally back home to post in you.Last Saterday my dad and I had gotton in a fight about some dumb bullshit and he kicked me out. Damn it sucked. I went to Tina and stood there for a while. Pat just wokrs and wroks he bearly has time for me. It sucks that it has to be like that.Sometimes I wish hed just be a regular 9 to 5 but in the aftermath of that happening I'll still feel sad.I need someone to be with me all the time and its not because of any obsesson it's because I need constent support with this and that.I got my high school diploma yay!!! Gonna go to the college on monday!!!!!!!!!!!I feel so much better now.At one point I felt like such a loser.Not having nothing but a gay ass pizza hut job. but now I can do something kick ass with my life.

Lately I have been deprssed but, it's the depression that comes and goes. I feel so weird being at my dads house after he kicked me out. I know he dosen't realy care about me and he'll always be like that. After so many years of the same bullshit I have gotton use to him not careing. But it still hurts soooooooooo much.

I just saw the movie monster and I understand everything she went threw. Life is hard and nonbody cares.People will spit on you bethey lend you a hand. Shit people need jesus................................. where is my pot and porn damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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