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Angelas Birthday

Today is angelas birthday WOOT!. I want to spend quality time with Ben so I complained to him about that. So he was like lets watch a movie and drink some whine. Then I was like I have no cigz and he was like thats ok ill hook bebeb up. Bebe is our crazy pet names for each other. Usually people say Baby,but we state our love like Bebe. hahahha ok I'm being so dumb about mentioning my pathetic love for Ben on my live journal. But hey where else can i document my feelings about him in. I guess you people are gonnna have tyo stomach it all in. I'm rEALY EXCITED ABOUT TONIGHT. aLLY IS LETTING ME borrow her red dress so I'm excited!.It should be a realy cool looking dress. I'm gonna look so darn preaty.
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