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ove and marrige lmao i love that show!

Right now I'm at wanna do city with my brother. He is enjoying playing around and seeing what things they have here. Went to Pats house this mroning and I feel bad because I slept all day there and didn talk to him. But we did get mad I'm happy about that! I just want to be with him and love him. I never feel the time we spend toghther is good enough.I want him to realize what he means o me nt just as my boyfriend but as my goal in life. I want to make him happy with no doubt.I love him so much and I just want him to be happy. Happpy dammit. I just want to be happy. Last night I drank all this dxm and I was feeling super good. I'm gonna try it when I get my check and see how it is on a full 8 mg. Well I have yo go ttyl journal bye.
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